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Stay A Little While, Child (Extended Version - Remixed By Louis Silas)

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1Joey NEGRO Feat. Diane CHARLEMAGNE - Overnight Sensation
2LEROY BURGESS featuring CONVERTION - Let's Do It (Unheard 11 Minute Version)
3CHIC - I Want Your Love
4ONE WAY - Hold it
5Headhunters - God Made Me Funky
6L.T.D. - Kickin' Back (12 extended Version)
7ONE WAY - Set It Out
8MFSB - Sexy
9FRESH BAND Feat. Tony MACK - Where Is Love
10THE MARVELETTES - My Daddy Knows Best
11James BROWN - Motivation
12DAZZ BAND - Bad Girl
13James BROWN - Funk on Ah Roll [S-Class Mix]
14Richard C - It's hard to make it
15LOVE UNLIMITED - Under the Influence of Love
16ONE WAY Featuring Al HUDSON - Pop It
17MONTREAL SOUND - Music (12' mix)
18Booker NEWBERRY III - I Get Romantic [Mixed By NICK MARTINELLI]
19BOHANNON - Summer Time Groove
20TAKE THREE - Can't Get Enough [Of Your Love] [Soul Mix]