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On internet since 2009, available ewerywhere, anytime all around the world, 24/7."Jurasic Funk!!" 20,000+ Uploaded Vinyl from our personnal collections! Already 40 years in music knowledge!

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You just enjoyed a song ? Don't hesitate to contact us in order to obtain the exact references of the track and the artist. (Include date and timing of broadcast).

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100% Pur FUNK!

Here, FUNK under all its forms!

Our philosophy: As soon as a track is GROOVY, you may listen to it on BMC, whatever the decade, the musical style, where it comes from.....

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Since 1975 we collect
any funk vinyl and many more.

Do not hesitate to contact us for informations, researches, and advices to enrich your collections.

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Opera VPN use for geoblocked countries.


OPERA includes in standard a FREE and UNLIMITED VPN integrated agent.

Here is a tutorial that explain you how to install, configure and use OPERA in order to listen your favorite FUNKY radio if your country appears to be geoblocked for our Radionomy Hosted radio.

Step 1: Download and install OPERA browser...

a) You can download the, latest version of OPERA here...

b) Install the brower...

Step 2: Activate VPN ...

a) menu settings:


b) select

snapshot-2:privacy & security

c) Activate VPN use:

snapshot-3: activate VPN


snapshot-4: VPN is avaiblable in toolbar

Step 3: Use of VPN ...

Clic the VPN button, then on the list and choose one the highlighted countries..
i.e: selecting United-States will do as if your were listening our radio from New York, so you will hear the U.S. Advertising..

snaptshot-5: select your country

Result : Click on the PLAY button of the player.... once started the tab ico will show sound playing ...



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