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LM: 09.02.2008

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12" Singles.
FFRX-1		Jamie Principle			Baby Wants to Ride 
FFRX-2		Salt-N-Pepa			Push It/I am Down 
FFRX-3		Master Of Ceremony		Masters Move 
FFRX-4		Simon Harris			Bass (How Low Can You Go)
FERI-2		Frankie Knuckles		Only The Strong Survives
FX-106		Simon Harris			Pleasure Control 
		feat. Lonnie Gordon		(1989)
FX-110		Cookie Crew			Come on & Get some 
FX-111		Blacksmith			Get Back to Love
		(K.Atkins , H.Atkins , P.Trotman)
		Produced by: Blacksmith & Charlie Lewellyn
		Released in: 1989
		A1. Blacksmith mix
	a	B1. Blaze Club Mix
	a	B2. Blaze Dub
		a - Remixed by:Blaze
FX-114		Diana Brown & Barrie K.Sharpe	Blind Faith 
FX-117		D-Mob				C'mon get my love 
		Introducing Cathy Dennis	(1989)
FX-118		Joyce Sims			Take caution with my
						heart (1989)
		Licensed from: Sleeping Bag US
FX-120		Five Young Cannibals		Don't Look Back 
FXRR-124	D Mob				Put Your Hands Together
						(UPSO remixes)
		A1. The UPSO Remix
		B1. UPSO Instrumental
FX-127		Salt 'n' Pepa			Expressions 
FX-132		D-Mob Inrtroducing Cathy Dennis	That's the way of
						the world 
FX-144		Diana Brown & Barrie K.Sharpe	Sun Worshippers 
FX-147		Catch				Free (c'mon) 
FX-151		Salt 'n' Pepa			Do you want me 
FX-152		Diana Brown & Barrie K.Sharpe	Love or nothing 
FX-155		Vibe Tribe			Trust 
FX-159		The Cookie Crew			Secrets (of success) 
FX-165		The Brand New Heavies		Never Stop
		Produced by: The Brand New Heavies
		Featuring: N'Dea Davenport
		Remixed by: David Morales
		Licensed From: Acid Jazz
		Released in : 1991
		A1. Morales Extended Mix
	a	B1. Pal Joey Remix
	b	B2. K Collective Mix
		a - Remixed by: Pal Joey
		b - Remixed by: The Sharp Lads
FX-171		The Cookie Crew			Love will bring us 
						back together (1991)
FX-174		Salt 'n' Pepa			You Showed me 
NANX-23		Bananarama			Preacher man 
FX-182		Salt 'n' Pepa			Expression/Do You
						/Megamix (1992)
FX-185		The Brand New Heavies		Ultimate Trunk Funk Ep
		Released in : 1992
	a	A1. Never Stop (Heavies Mix)
	b	A2. Stay This Way (Slam Mix)
		B1. Got To Give
			(J.Kincaid , Brand New Heavies)
		B2. Mr Tanaka
			(Brand New Heavies , Smith , Evans)
		a - Engineered & Mixed by: Phil Bodger
		b - Remix & Additional Production: Stuart McMilan , Orde Meikle
FX-186		The Cookie Crew			Brother like sister 
FX-190		Diana Brown & Barrie K.Sharpe	Eating me alive 
FX-200		Elisa				Love vibration 
FX-203		Electro set			How Does it feel ? 
FX-206		Eastside Beat			Alive & Kicking 
FX-210		Lisa B				Glam 
FX-211		Louchie Lou & Michie One	Shout 
FX-215		Joe Roberts			Back in my life 
FX-218		Lisa B				Fascinated 
BNX 7		The Brand New Heavies		Close To You
		(Brand New Heavies)
		Produced by The Brand New Heavies and Ian Green
		Remixed by Masters At Work
		Additional Keyboards: James Preston
		Remix Engineer: Steve Barkan For 23 West
		Entertainment NYC
		Second Engineer: Won Bee
		Edited by Brian McDermott
		Remixed At Bass Hit Recordings NYC
		Released in: 1995
		A1. Masters At Work Remix
		A2. Old School Hard Core Dub
		B1. Maw Mood Dubb
		B2. Instrumental Dubba
TABXXX 242	Pendulum			I Nedd You
FX-268		Utah Saints			Star
						(Union Jack Mixes)
FX-277		Plux				Over And Over
FX-278		Pulse				Love That You Are
FXDJ-279	Todd Edwards			Saved My Life
FX-279		Todd Edwards			Saved My Life
		Double 12".
FX 280		Ricardo Da Force		Why
FX 281		T-Empo				Look Of Love
FX 282		Angel Moraes			Deep Deep Down
FX 283		Ladycop				To Be Real
FX 284		Stretch & Vern			I'm Alive
		Present Maddog			(09/1996)
		A Spot On Record.
FX 286		El Mariachi			Cuba
FX 287		Mighty Dub Katz			Just Another Groove
		Mixes By Lisa Marie Experience.
FX 288		Mory Kante			Yeke Yeke
FX 289		Fine Young Cannibals		The Flame
		A1. The Flame (Armand Van Helden Mix)
		B1. I'm Not The Man I Used To Be
			(Rollo & Sister Bliss Mix)
unknown		CJ Bolland			Sugar Is Sweet
unknown		Ladycop				To Be Real
BXXDJ-9		The Brand New Heavies		You are the Universe
		Released in : 1997
	a	A1. Interfearence Remix
	a	A2. Interfearence Dub
	b	B1. Tuff Jam's 2 in 1 Remix
	b	B2. Tuff Jam Special Rub
		a - Remixed by: Interfearence
		b - Remixed by: Karl "Tuff Enuff" Brown , 
		    Matt"Jam" Lamont
FX-312		The Knowledge			As/Util the Day 
FX-317		Armand Van Helden		Ultrafunkula 
BNHCD 10	Brand New Heavies		You've got a friend
FX-318		Nalin & Kane			Beachball
FX-321		Sex-O-Sonique			I Throught It was You
BNHX11		Brand New Heavies		Shelter (01/1998)
FX-328		Discotecs			Playmate Puzzle
----		Z Factor			Gotta keep Pushin' 
FX-331		Dreamon				The Beat 
FXDJ-332	Goldie				Believe 
		* Comments: Groove Chronicles remixes.
FX-333		Rest Assured			Treat Infamy
----		Salt Tank			Angels landong
FFCLX 1		FFRR Classics			Volume 1 
		* Includes: D-Mob "We call it acieed" , 
		Electra "JIbaro", Jamie
		Principle "Baby wants to ride", 
		Rocker's Revenge " Walking on 
FFCLX 2		FFRR Classics			Volume 2
		* Includes: Lil Louis "French KIss" , 
		Richie Rich "You Used to Salsa" , Sterling 
		Void "It's Alright" , Frankie Knuckles
FFCLX 3		FFRR Classics			Volume 3
		* Includes: Lil Louis & The World "I Called U(edit) ,
		  Orbital "Belfast" , Diana Brown & Barrie K Sharpe
		  "The Masterplan (extended)" , Less Stress Feat.
		  Katherine Wood "Don't Dream it's Over".
FX-338		Jungle Brothers			I'll House You '98
		* Comments: Mixes by Anthony Acid & DJ Skribble.
FX-340		Johnny Dangerous		Beat That Bitch
FXEP 01		Various				FFRR # 1: 
						Spring Collection Ep
		A1. Plastika 
			"Disko Dancin"
		A2. The Brand New Heavies
			"Back to Le" (Grame Park Remix)
		B1. Johnny Dangerous
			"Beat That Bitch Up" (Whiplash 4-98 mix)
		B2. Mighty Dub Katz
			"Magic Carpet Ride" (Fatboy Slim mix)
DICOTIPS	Discotips			Budy Nice
		* Comments: Samples "Le freak".
----		Lucid				I Can't Help Myself
FX-344		Quake				The Day Will Come
						(Alternative mixes)
MD 1		Strectch'n'vern			Out There
		Present Mad Dog			/Search
TP 007		DJ Skribble			Everybody Come On		
		Remixes by Stanton Warriors
FXDJ-360	DJ Skribble			Everybody Come On
		Stanton Warriors Remixes.
FX-365		Orbital				Nothing Left
FX-366		Interfearance			Wonderland
		A1. Reeling Mix
		B1. Eat Me Dub
FCD 367		Bother Brown			Under The Water
FXX 367		Brother Brown			Under The Water
FX 368		Lucid				Stay With Me 
						Till Dawn
FX 371		Madkatt Courtship		My Life Muzik
REESP 001	Lil Louis			Blackout
		A1. Phase 1 Mix
		B1. Phase 2 Mix
FX 374		Michael Moog			That Sound
		A1. Full Intention Mix
		B1. Edit
BNHX 13		Brand New Heavies		Apparently Nothing
		Mixes by Roger Sanchez, Stargate, Artful Dodger,
		Tim Simenon.
FX 375		Lenny Fontana			Chocolate Sensation
		& DJ Shorty			(02/2000)
		A1. Original Mix
		B1. David Morales Mix
		B2. ATFC Mix
FTDJ 376	Asian Dub Foundation		Real Great Britain
		10" Promo.
FX 377		Orbital				Beached
		A1. Long Version
		B1. Radio Version
		B2. Doctor Look Out
IN 9		Interfearence			All Day - Another Day
		A1. All Day - Another Day
		B1. All Day
		C1. Money
		D1. Money Or Belief
		A Soul Trader 12"
FX 378		Asian Dub Foundation		New Way New Life
		A1. Audio Active Vocal
		A2. Audio Active Dub
		B1. Dry Dub
		B2. Heavy Dub
FCD 379		Armand Van Helden		Koochy
FXXDJ 380	Artful Dodger			Woman Trouble
		Presents R.Craig & Craig Davis	(05/2000)
		A1. Future Discotech Mix
		B1. Latin Thumper Mix
		12" Promo.
FX 384		Josh Wink			How's Your Evening So Far ?
		& Lili' Louis			(07/2000)
		A1. How's Your Efening So Far (UK 12" Mix)
		B1. Lil' Louis "French Kiss" (Original)
FX 385		Capoeria Twins			Four (4x3)
		A1. Original Blowpop Version
		B1. Mr. Scruff Remix
FX 386		Beatchuggers			Forever Man
						(How Many Times)
		A1. Original Version
		B1. Buildup Dub
		B2. Chuggin The Nut Dub
FX 388		Artful Dodger			Please Don't Turn Me On
	a	A1. Oyster Vocal Mix
	b	B1. Disco Thang Mix
	c	B2. Fabric Vocal
		a. Remixed By Wideboys.
		b. Remixed By Eric Morillo.
		c. Remixed By Stanton Warriors
FXDJ 390	Kinnda				Don't Bring Sand
						To The Beach
		A1. Dubaholics Vocal
		B1. Dubaholics Dub
FX 393		M&S Presents			Salsoul Nugget
		The Girl Next Door		(If You Wanna)
		A1. M&S Extended Vocal Mix
		B1. Original Klub Mix
		B2. Sureshot Dub
FXX 393		M&S Presents			Salsoul Nugget
		The Girl Next Door		(If You Wanna)
		A1. DJ Lottie Remix
		B1. M&S Original Mix
FX 394		Artful Dodger			Think About Me
		Featuring Michelle Escoffery
		(Hill, Escoffery)
		Produced By Artful Dodger
		Vocals By Michelle Escoffery
		Bar Code: 6-85738-75430-4
		Released in: 03/2001
		A1. Think About Me
			(Matt Jam Lamot & DJ Face Classic Vocal Remix)
	a	B2. What Ya Gonna Do
			(Undisputed Champion Mix)
		B1. Think About Me
			(Joey Negro Club Mix)
		a. Vocals By Craig Davis.		
FXX 394		Artful Dodger			Think About Me
		Featuring Michelle Escoffery	(Remixes)
		Released in: 03/2001
		A1. Artful Dodger 3 Step Mix
		B1. United Groove Collective Dub
		B2. Joey Negro Rodox Dub
FX 395		Orbital				Funny Break
						(One Is Enough)
		A1. Weekend Ravers Mix
		B1. Plumb DJ's Mix
FXX 395		Orbital				Funny Break
						(One Is Enough)
		A1. Layo & Bushwacka Up Mix
		B1. Layo & Buschwacka Down Mix
FX 396		LK Elektrochemie		Scahll
		A1. Thomas Shumacher Remix
		B1. Trevor Rockliffe Remix
		B2. Pascal FEOS Remix
FX 399		Sticky				Booo!
		Feat. MS. Dynamite		(06/2001)
		A1. Lonshanks Remix
		B1. Original Dirty Mix
		B2. Midi Madness Mix
ZARM 18		Armand Van Helden		Why Can't You
						Free Some Time
		A1.  Superchumbo Vocode Mix
		B1. Original Mix
DFX 002		Riva				Who Do You Love Now?
		Feat. Dannii Minogue		(Stringer)
		A1. Extended Vocal Version)
		B1. Original Mix
		B2. Tall Paul Remix
FX 401		Dreen Teem			It Ain't Enough
		Vs. Artful Dodger		(11/2001)
		A1. 12" Vocal Mix
		B1. Wideboys Remix
FXX 404		Bump & Flex			Promises
		A1. Bump & Flex Vocal Mix
		B1. Hardstep Dub
		B2. Hardstep Dub (Feat. Harvey)
		C1. Dubaholics Remix
		C2. Jazz'N'Groove Club
		D1. Get Down Dub
FX-405		Orbital				Illuminate
		A1. Dark Globe Remix
		B1. Medicine Mix
		B2. Acapella
		C1. Charlie May Remix
		D1. Orbital 12" Mix
FX-406		Narcotic Thrust			Safe From Harm
		A1. Andy Morris & Stuart Crichton Vocal Mix
		B1. K-Klass Off Limits Mix
FX-407		Orbital				Rest & Play EP
		A1. Frenetic (12 Mix)
		B1. Chime (Life Style Mix)
12" Singles (Promotional Series)
BNHXDJ 3	Brand New Heavies		Dream On Dreamer
		A1. Morales Extended (UK Version)
		A2. Angel Extended Mix
		B1. Bad Yard Dub Part 1
		B2. Bad Yard Dub Part 2
		C1. Heavies Motion Mix
		C2. New Degree Vocal Dub
		D1. T-Empo Club Mix
		D2. T-Empo Dub Mix
RICARDO 1	Ricardo Deforce			Why
FXDJ 28J	Dee				Feeling Hm Pa Pa
						(Mouse T Remix)
ESPDJ 001	Deetah				Honey Lollypop
BNXXDJ 12	Brand New Heavies		Saturday Night
ESPDJ 058	Michael Moog			That Sound
		One-Sided Promo.
ESPDJ 006	Brother Brown			Under The Water
KMCP 001	Maddkatt Courtship III		Strobe
		Mixed By Robbie Riviera
BXXDJ 13	Brand New Heavies		Apparnetly Nothing
		Mixed By Artful Dodger.
REW 001		Double Artists			(07/2000)
		A1. Artful Dodger		"Rewind"
		    Featuring Craig Davis	(wideboys Remix)
		B1. Lenny Fontana		"Spirit Of The Sun"
						(Bump & Flex Hard Step Dub)
BOOMX 2		Boom!				Everybody Rock It
		Boomin' Dub
		Limited One-Sided 12".
REW 005		Artful Dodger & M&S		Dubaholics Remixes
		A1. Artful Dodger 		What Ya Gonna Do
		    Featuring Craig David	(Drop The Bass Dub)
		B1. M&S				Keep On
		    Featuring Ella Jay Ruth	(Funkadelic Full Vocal)
REW 001DP	Various				Re Rewind By Public Demand EP
		A1. Artful Dodger		"What Ya Gonna Do"
		    Featuring Craig Davis	(Drop The Funk Remix)
		    & Robbie Craig
		B1. Dreen Teem 			"It Ain't Enough"
		    Vs. Artful Dodger
		C1. Artful Dodger		"Rewind"
		    Feat. Craig David		(Wideboys Remix)
		D1. Lenny Fontana		"Spirit Of The Sun"
						(Bump & Flex Dub)
BANDF 001	Bump & Flex			Promises
		A1. Vocal Mix
		B1. Hardstep Dub
MANDS 002	M&S Presents			Ready Or Not
	The Girl Next Door		(09/2001)
DTVSAD 001P	Dreen Teem			It Ain't Enough
	Vs. Artufl Dodger		(Grant Nelson Club Mix)
		One-Sided: It Ain't Enough.
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Vinyl Albums.
535 431-2	Various				Essential Mix II
535 826-2	Various Mixed by Pete Tong	Essential Mix 3
		Judge Jules, Dave Seaman & 	(08/1996)
		Derrick Carter
828 751-1	Various				Locked On
553 153-2	Various Mixed By 		Essential Mix 4
		Paul Oakenfold & Pete Tong	(11/1996)
		Special Packaging. Triple CD.
828 940-1	Armand Van Heldan		Sampleslaya 
----		Various				Esential Selection-Spring 1998
		* Comments: Include selections of Casmira , CLS, Voices Of Life,
		  Todd Terry...)
556 030-2	Various				Non Stop 98/01
		Mixed by Carl Cox		(08/1998)
3984 29082-2	Various				Essential Selection
						From Ibiza 1999
3984 29244-1	Madkatt Courtship		I Know Elektrikboy
8573 83319-2	Armand Van Helden		Killing Puritans
8573 84460-2	Various				Re Wind:
		Mixed By Artful Dodger		Back By Popular Demand
8573 84784-2	Various				Essential Selection
		Mixed By Pete Tong		Ibiza 2000
8573 85909-2	Artful Dodger			It's All About The Stragglers
8122 78241-2	Various				Essential Mix
		Mixed By Sander Kleinenberger	(05/2002)

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