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Island Records (UK) / 1978 / 12WIP 6446
12" 45 rpm Vinyl

Produced by Kofi Ayivor & Alex Sadkin

Side A
British Hustle

Side B
Peace On Earth

12WIP 6454	Ultravox			Slow Motion
		A1. Slow Motion
		B1. Dislocation
12XWIP-6489	Hi-Tension			Funktified (Long Version)
12WIP-6520	Dan I				Monkey Chop
12WIP 6629	Grace Jones			Private Life
		(Chrissie Hynde)
		Publ.: EMI April Music Inc. ASCAP
		R.D: 1980
		A1. Private Life (Long Version)(6:17)
	a	B1. She's Lost Control (Long Version)(8:23)
		a. Written By Stephen Morris, Ian Curtis, Bernard
		   Sumner, Peter Hook.
		   Publ.: Zomba	Enterprises, Inc ASCAP
12WIP-6645	Grace Jones			The Hunter Gets Captured By The Game
		(William "Smeokey" Robinson)
		Publ.: Jobette Music Co. Admin. by EMI April Music Co ASCAP
		R.D: 1980
		A1. The Hunter Gets Captured By The Game (Long Version)(6:44)
	a	B1. Warm Leatherette (LOng Version)(5:35)
		a. Written By Daniel Miller.
		   Publ.: Incomplete Music, Inc BMI
12WIP 6654	Basement 5			Last White Christmas
		A1. Last White Christmas
		B1. Paranoia Claustrophobia
12WIP-6673	Grace Jones			Demolition Man
		Publ.: EMI Blackwood Musi Inc BMI
		R.D: 1981
		A1. Demolition Man (Long Version)(4:56)
12WIP-6679	Grace Jones			Nipple To The Bottle
		(Grace Jones, Sly Dunbar)
		R.D: 1982
		A1. Nipple To The Bottle (12" Version)(6:53)
12WIP 6693	Aswad				Babylon
		A1. Babylon
		B1. Behold
12WIP-6716	Was (Not Was)			Wheel Me Out
(ZE)						(1981)
		A1. Wheel Me Out
		B1. Where Did Your Heart Go ?
12WIP-6735	Mr. Yello			Yella
12WIP-6756	Kid Creole			I'm A Wonderfull Thing Baby
(ZE)		& The Coconuts			(1982)
		Produced by August Darnell.
		A1. I'm A Wonderfull Thing Baby
		B1. Table Manners (Remix)
12WIP-6779	Grace Jones			Nipple To The Bottle
12WIP-6793	Kid Creole			Stoop Pigeon
(ZE)		& The Coconuts			(1982)
		A1. Stool Pigeon (remixed version) (6:20)
		  remix by Julian McBrown, remix by Michael Frondelli
		B1. Double on Back (album version)
12WIP-6808	Sweet Pea Atkinson		Don't Walk Away
(ZE)						(1982)
12WIP-6840	Kid Creole			Christmas In B'Dilli Day
		& The Coconuts			(1982)
		Produced by August Darnell.
		A1. Dear Addy (Remix)
		  remix by August Darnell
		A2. Christmas on Riverside Drive (Remix)
		  remix by August Darnell
		B1. No Fish Today
		B2. Yolana (Remix)
		  remix by August Darnell
12IS-101	David Joseph			You Can't Hide (Your Love From Me)
12IS-103	Grace Jones			My Jamaican Guy
		(Grace Jones)
		R.D: 1983
		A1. My Jamaican Guy (12" Version)(7:01)
12IS-104	Robert Palmer			Are Yiu In My System
12IS 107	B 52's				Future Generation
		A1. Future Generation (Vocal)
		B1. Future Genration (Instrumental)
		B2. Planet Claire
12IS-116	David Joseph			Let's Live It Up (Nite People)
12IS-118	Grace Jones			Living My Life
		R.D: 1983
12IS-135	Time Zone			Wildstyle
12IS-146	Grandmixer D.S.T		Crazy Cuts
12IS 148	L.C.G.C				Fill My Cup
		(London Community Gospel
		Choir Lead By Bazil Meade)
		(Howard Francis)
		Produced By Godwin Logie
		Published By Island Music/Pure Gospel
		Released in: 1984
		A1. Fill My Cup (6:28)
		B1. Overflow (Special Mix)(5:56)
12IS-158	Mel Brooks			To Be Or Not To Be (The Hitler Rap)
12IS-167	The Earons			Land Of Hunger
12IS 202	U2				Pride
		A1. Pride
		A2. Boomerang I
		B1. Boomerang II
		B2. 4th Of July
12IS-206	Grace Jones			Slave To The Rhythm
		(Bruce Wooley, Simon Darlow, Steven Lipson, Trevor Horn)
		R.D: 1985
		A1. Hot Blooded Version (8:18)
12IS 229	Whiz Kid			Play That Beat Mr. DJ
		A1. Play That Beat Mr. DJ (Full lenght)(6:34)
		A2. Play That Beat Mr. DJ (Future Past Whiz Wrap)(4:49)
		B1. He's Got The Beat (5:10)
		B2. He's Got The Beat (Dub)(4:46)
		A Tommy Boy record.
12IS 242	Robert Palmer			Disciplined For Love
		A1. Disciplined For Love
		B1. Woke Up Laughing
		B2. Dance For Me
12IS-251	Sly & Robbie			Make 'Em Move
12IS 767	Orb				Once More
		A1. Once More (Bedrock Edit 2)
		A2. Once More (Radio Edit)
		B1. Little Fluffy Clouds (Danny Tenaglia Detour Mix)
12IS 773	DJ Luck & MC Neat		Piano Loco
		A1. Original Mix
		B1. Latino House
		B2. David Howard Mix
12STEREO 4	Stero Mc's			Deep Down & Dirty
						(Jon Carter Remixes)
		A1. Bassement Mix
		B1. Dub
		B2. Original
12STEREO 5	Stero Mc's			Deep Down & Dirty
						(Different Gear Remixes)
		A1. Different Gear Vocal Mix
		B1. Original
12IS 776	Spacek				How Do I Move
		A1. How Do I Move (Next Men Mix)
		B1. How Do I Move (Original)
		B2. Getaway
12IS 777 	Stereo Mc's			Deep Down & Dirty
		A1. Origial Mix
		B1. Two LOne Swordsmen Remix
		B2. Jon Carter Basement Mix
12IS 782	Stereo Mc's			We Belong In This World
		A1. Chicken Lips Remix
		B1. Original
		B2. Rhino Part II
12ISX 782	Stereo Mc's			We Belong In This World
		A1. We Belong In This World (Chocolate Puma Remix)
		B1. We Belong In This World (Automator Remix)
		B2. Deep Down & Dirty (Different Gear Vocal Mix)
12ISX 786	Pulp				Sunrise
		A1. Sunrise (All Seing I Middle Of The Road Mix)
		B1. The Trees (Felled By I Monster Mix)
		B2. The Trees (The No Jazz Mix)
12STEREO 8	Stereo Mc's			Running
		A1. Running (Radio)
		A2. Running (Dub)
		B1. Running (Instrumental)
		B2. Bring It On (Live)
12IS 789	Stereo Mc's			Running
		A1. Frontline Remix
		B1. Dub
		B2. Bring It On (Live In Manchester 2001)
12IS 790DJ	DJ Luck				Ska Dis
	& MC Neat			(12/2001)
		A1. Ska Dis
		A2. My World
		B1. Original Guestlist
		B2. Wah Wah Yeah Yeh
12IS 790	Custom Blue			EP one
		A1. In A Rut
		A2. Concetration
		B1. Maya
		B2. One More Tme (Dub)
12IS 795	Luck & Neat			Irie
		A1. Cartel Mix
		A2. You Offendaz Mix
		B1. Original Mix
		B2. Beatfreaks Mix
12IS 797	DJ Shadow			You Can't Go Home Again!
		A1. You Can't Go Home Again! (Radio Edit)
		B1. Treach Battle Beat
12IS 798	Sugarbabes			Freak Like Me
		A1. Different Gear Mix
		A2. Pete Martin & Richard X We Don't Give A Damn Mix
		B1. Capoeira Twins Mix
		B2. Jamerson Mix
12FROU 1	Frou Frou			Breathe In
					(Watkins Remixes)
		A1. Watkins Vocal Mix
		B1. Watkins Love You Dub
12SUGA 2	Sugarbabes			Freak Like Me
		A1. Different Gear Remix
		B1. Capoeria Twins Mix
		B2. Girls On Top We Don't Give A Damn Mix
12FROU 2	Frou Frou			Breathe In
					(Aphrodite Remixes)
		A1. Aphrodite Mix
		B1. Aphrodite Dub
12SHADOW 1	DJ Shadow			Selection From The
					Private Press
		A1. Mashin' On The Motorway (Original)
		A2. Mashin' On The Motorway (Instr.)
		A3. Letter From Home
		B1. Mongrel...Meets His Maker 
		B2. Waklie Talkie
12IS 799	Frou Frou			Breathe In
		A1. Watkins Full Vocal Remix
		B1. Radio Edit
		B2. Aphrodite Full Vocal Remix
12IS 804DJ	Sugarbabes			Round & Round
					(House Mixes)
		A1. Stuart Crichton & Craigie Dodds Remix
		B1. Tonic Mix
		B2. Tonic Dub
12ISX 804DJ	Sugarbabes			Round & Round
		A1. Seani B. Remix
		B1. Seani B. Dub
12ISZ 804DJ	Sugarbabes			Round & Round
					(Soulwax Mix)
		A1. Soulwax Mix
		B1. Alternative Mix
12FROU-4	Frou Frou			Must Be Dreaming
					(K-Klass Remixes)
		R.D: 10/2002
		A1. K-Klass Ultra Vocal Mix
		A2. K-Klass Spectral Dub
		B1. Ruff & Jam Club Vocal Mix
		B2. Soul Mekanic Mix
12FROU-5	Frou Frou			Must Be Dreaming

		R.D: 10/2002
		A1. Laser Remix
		B1. Ruff & Jam Nightmare Dub
12IS-806	Naughty By Nature		Feets Good
		Featuring 3SL			(Don't Worry About A Thing)
		R.D: 10/2002
		A1. Bon Garcon Mix
		A2. UK Radic Edit
		B1. Kelly G. Mix Edit
		B2. Album Instrumental
12IS-807	DJ Shadow			Six Days
		R.D: 10/2002
		A1. Remix
		B1. Original Version
		B2. Radio
12IS-865DJ	Amy Winehouse			Pumps
		R.D: 07/2004
12ISX-867DJ	Dark Globe				Feed
		R.D: 07/2004
6280		Barbara Pennington		Running In
						Another Direction
						/Running Away
ILPS 9413	War				Greatest Hits
		A1. All Day Music
		A2. Slippin' Into Darkness
		A3. The World Is A Ghetto
		A4. The Cisco Kid
		A5. Gyspsy Man
		B1. Me And Baby Brother
		B2. Southern Part Of Texas
		B3. Why Can't We Be Friends
		B4. Low Rider
		B5. Summer
ILPSD 8100	The Orb				Cynodia
ILPSD 8105	Spacek				Curviata
ILPST 8106	Stereo Mc's			Deep Down & Dirty
ILPST 8109	Custom Blue			All Follow Everyone
CIDD 8117	Luck & Neat			It's All Good
ILPSD 8118	DJ Shadow			The Private Press
CID 8112	Frou Frou			Details

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