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Island Records
14E, 4TH ST.
N.Y, N.Y 10012

Matrix # at far left of each item may become with one or two letters.

Theses stand for the many ISLAND's Distributed Labels as listed below:

IBM: Island Black Music
DV:Delicious Vinyl
TLK: Talkin' Loud

TN: T-Neck Records.

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        CBS_US Records Catalogue.)
UVT: University

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12"Singles. (Earliest Matrix)
IS 1001		Wilton Place Street Band	Disco Lucy
IS 1004		Wilton Place Street Band	Baby Love Sweet
						Sweet Love 
IS 1008		Grace Jones			Do Or Die
12"Singles. (W.B distribution)
DISD 8655	Hi-Tension			Hi-Tension
		A1. Hi-tension (5:01)
		B1. Girl I Betcha
DISD 8662	Third World			Now That We Found Love
		A1. Now That We Found Love (7:37)
		B1. One Cold Vibe (4:55)
ISD 8680	Manu Dibango			Big Blow
		(Manu Dibango)
		Remixed By Steve Stanley & Chris Blackwell
		At Compass Point Studios, Nassau, Bahamas
		Matrix: UAA-8316-S/UAA-817-S
		Published By Radmus Publishing, Inc ASCAP
		Originally Released in 1976 by La Soci??ran?ise
		Du Son
		Released in: 1978
		A1. Big Blow (5:38)
		B1. Aloko Party (4:10)
BMC COMMENTS: Promotional Copy.
DISD 8742	Hi-Tension			British Hustle
		A1. British Hustle (6:30)
		B1. Searchin'
DISD 8755	Inner Circle			Everything Is Great
		A1. Everything Is Great (6:03)
		B1. Wanted (Dead or Alive)(3:38)
DISD 8869	Grace Jones			On Your Knees
		(D.C LaRue, Jerry Corbetta)
		Produced By Tom Moulton for T.J Productions, Inc
		"A Tom Moulton Mix"
		Arranged By Thor Baldurson
		Mastered By Jose Rodriguez at Sterling Sound
		Published By Planetary Music Publishing Corp/
		Corbetta Music ASCAP
		Matrix: XPA0111S/WPA0013S
		Released in: 1979
		A1. On Your Knees (6:20)
		B1. Don't Mess With the Messer (6:27)
BMC COMMENTS: Promotional Copy.
DISD 8892	Gibson Brothers			Ooh What A Life
		A1. Ooh What A Life (5:42)
		B1. Bette Do It Salsa! (6:43)
DISD 50011 ZE	Was Not Was			Tell Me That
						I'm Dreaming
		(D.Was , D.Was)
		Produced by: Don Was , David Was and Jack Tann
		for John Lewis Productions
		Executive Producer: Michael Zilkha
		Recorded at Sound Suite Detroit
		Remixes by: Ken Collier and Don Was
		Mastered by: Greg Calbi at Sterling Sound
		Published by: Los Was Cosmipolitanos ASCAP
		Matrix #: ZMI 1074 VI S / ZMI 1092 S
		Released in: 1981
		A1. Traditional Remixed Version (6:31)
		B1. Tell Me That I'm Dreamin (Souped-Up Version)
			/Out come the Freaks (Dub Version) (12:50)
		infoms.gif (887 octets) Samples a part of Ronald Regan's State of the Union
		Message on Economic Recovery, Feb-18, 1981)
0-20132		Tom Tom Club			Man With the 4-Way
0-20537		Steve Winwood			Freedom Overspill
		A1. Liberty mix
		B1. Dub
		B2. Higher Love remix
		B3. Help me Angel
12"Singles. (Atlantic distribution)
DM 4833 	Gwen Guthrie			It Should have been you 
		(Darryl Thompson)
		Produced by Sly Dunbar , Robbie Shakespeare and
		Steven Stanley
		Mixed by Larry Levan
		Published by Ackee Music, Inc. ASCAP
		Mastered at Sterling
		Matrix #: ST-DM-43013-SP & ST-DM-43012-SP
		Released in: 1982
		A1. It Should Have Been You (7:05)
		B1. Getting Hot (5:35)
DM 4834 	King Cotton			Stick to the grind 
						/Beyond Uranus
0-99997		Sweat Pea Atkinson		Dance Or Die
		A1. Vocal (6:36)
0-99886		Blancmange			Blind Vision
		A1. Blind Vision (Long)(9:29)
		B1. Short (3:49)
		B2. Waves
0-96972		Grandmixer D.S.T		Crazy Cuts
0-96960		Mercy Ray			You Really Got to Me
		A1. You Really Got to Me (5:34)
		B1. I Wanna Know
0-96958		The Earons			Land Of Hunger
		A1. Vocal/Long Version
		B1. Dub version
		B2. Edit
0-96956		World's Famous Supreme Team	Hey DJ
		(R.Larkins, Jr , L.Price , M.McLaren , S.Hague)
		Produced by STephen Hague
		Published by Malcom Mc Laren Songs/Charisma Music
		Released in: 1984
		A1. Extended Version (6:10)
		B1. Extended Instrumental (6:02)
		infoms.gif (887 octets) A Charisma UK Record.
0-96951		Blancmange			Don't Tell Me
		A1. Remix
		B1. Edit
		B2. Get Out of That
0-96915		Malcom McLaren			Madame Butterfly
		infoms.gif (887 octets) A Charisma UK Record.
0-96912 ZE	Junie Morrison			Tease Me
		(Walter Morrison)
		Produced , Performed and Directed by Walter Morrison
		Remixed by: Arthur Baker
		Published by: Island U.S.A Music, Inc/ Jun-Trac Music BMI
		Matrix #: ST-DM-47048-SP & ST-DM 47041-SP
		Released in: 1984
		A1. Long Version (6:39)
		B1. Dub Version (7:45)
0-96906		Gwen Guthrie			Love in Moderation
		(K.Barnes , J.Barnes)
		Produced by Deodato
		Mixed by: Steven Stanley
		Published by: Kenya Music BMI
		Matrix #: ST-DM 47116-SP &  ST-DM 47117-SP
		Released in: 1984
		A1. Vocal(Long Version) (4:56)
		B1. Vocal (Friday After 5 Party Mix) (5:15)
0-96874		Shriekback			Nemesis
		A1. Nemesis (6:00)
		B1. Suck (live)
0-96860		Grace Jones			Love is a Drug
		A1. Love Is a Drug (7:15)
		B1. Demolition Man
0-96859		Art Of Noise			Close (to the Edit)
		A1. Vocal (5:41)
		B1. Beat Box (8:33)
0-96846		Shriekback			Fish Below the Ice
		A1. Fish Below the Ice (remix)
		B1. Coelocanth (Instr.)
0-96840		Robert Palmer			Discipline of Love
						/Woke Up Laughing
						/Dance for Me
0-96806		Frankie Goes to Hollywood	Rage Hard
						/Suffragette City
						/Your Little Mind
0-96782		Sly & Robbie			Boops! Here to Go
		A1. Boops! Here to Go (4:58)
		B1. Language Barrier
0-96757		U2				I Still Haven't
						Found What I'm
0-96739		Trouble Funk			Trouble
0-96719		Christians			Forgotten Town
		A1. Uptown mix
		A2. Midtown mix
		B1. Downtown dub
		B2. Subway dubapella
0-96721		Will Downing			Free
0-96618		Millie Scott			A Love of Your Own
						/Keep it To Yourself
0-96607		Will Downing			Love Supreme
0-96557		Womack and Womack		MPB
						(Missin' Person Bureau)
		(Dr Rue and The Gypsy Wave Banner)
		Production and Direction under Chris Blackwell and
		The Gypsy Wave Power Co.
		Remixed by: Frankie Knuckles for Def Mix Productions
		Matrix #: ST-DM-56955/56956-SP & ST-DM-56957/56858/56959-SP
		Published by: Gypsy Wave Music BMI
		Released in: 1989
		A1. 12" Kinda Felling (6:42)
		A2. Dubstrumental Feeling (7:57)
		B1. Motor Temple Edit (4:12)
		B2. Folk Version (4:35)
		B3. Paradise Ballroom Mix (9:00)
0-96536		Sly & Robbie			Dance Hall
0-96531		Mica Paris			Breathe Life Into Me
0-96530		Will Downing			Test Of Time
		(M.Holden , K.Harris)
		Produced by: Will Downing for Blue Crystal Productions
		and Laythan Amor for Leigharm Productions
		Engineered by: John Poppo
		Remixed  by: David Morales & Frankie Knuckles
		Additional Production by: Peter 'Ski' Schwartz 
		& Frankie Knuckles
		Published by: Jumpin' Off Music Co/Tocep Music Co./
		Dream Dealers Music and BMG Songs, Inc ASCAP
		Matrix #: ST-DM-57611/57612-SP & ST-DM-57608/57609-SP
		Released in : 1989
		A1. Club Version (6:30)
		A2. Timless Piano Version/Instrumental (4:15)
		B1. Radio Version (4:14)
		B2. Dub Version (4:19)
0-96504		Bandera				The Tease
12"Singles. (Polygram Matrix)
422-868 303-1	Mica Paris			South of the River
422-878 923-1	Mica Paris			Contribution
		Featuring Rakim
		(C.Celli , A.Levin , M.Roman , M.Vice , W.Griffin)
		Produced by Andres Levin and Camus Mare Lewis for C-N-A
		Additional Overdubs and Remix by: Yvonne Turner for Big Life
		Remix Engineer: Rodney Ascue at Axis Studios
		Assitant Engineer: John Parthum
		Programming: Alan Friedman
		Guitar: Nile Rodgers
		Horns: The Delta Horns
		Backing Vocals: Mica Paris , Fonzi Thornton , Michelle Cobb
		Additionnal Keyboards: Lenny Underwood [More:->Prelude]
		Released in: 1990
		A1. 12" Club (7:30)
		A2. Radio (3:56)
		B1. Dub (5:40)
		B2. CNA Mix (6:15)
422-868 269-1	Miles Jaye			Sensuous
		A1. Edit
		A2. Short
		B1. Extended
		B2. Instr.
422-868 739-1	Tam Tam				Do It
		A1. Tam Tam Single Edit
		A2. Tam Tam Extended
		B1. Lp version
		B2. Legacy Two
422-868 909-1	Julian Cope			Head
		A1. 7" (3:34)
		A2. Long (6:07)
		B1. Love (6:51)
		B2. Easy Risin' (8:18)
422-866 375-1	PM Dawn				Papper Doll
						/For the Love of Peace
422-862-957-1	U2				Lemon
		Music: U2
		Words: Bono
		Produced by Floyd , Brian Eno and the Edge
		Published by Polygram International Music Publ. ASCAP
		Released in: 1993
	a	A1. Back Yard Club (10:13)
	a	A2. Version Dub (6:35)
	a	A3. Momo's reprise (4:08)
	b	B1. Perfecto Mix (8:56)
	b	B2. Jeep Mix (5:30)
		a. Remix and Additional Production by David Morales for
		Def Mix Productions.
		Engineered by David Sussman. Keyboard Progamming by Satoshi
		Tommii For Def Mix and Peter "Ski" Schwartz.
		Percussions by David Morales
		b. Remix and Additional Production by Paul Oakenfold and
		Steve Osborne
		infoms.gif (887 octets) Special Yellow Vinyl Pressing.
422-862 885-1	Daddy O				Brooklyn Bounce
						/Swung It, Blunted It, Brung It
						/How to Beat a Bootleg
422-862 819-1	Positive K			Carhoppers
162-535-500-1	Grace Jones			Sex Drive
		(Sheep on Drugs)
		Produced by: Mark Pistel and Philip Steir for
		Mindless Productions
		Published by: Rhythm King Music ASCAP
		Released in: 1993
	a	A1. Hard Drive Mix (5:08)
	b	A2. Sex Pitch Mix (7:17)
	c	B1. Dominatrix Mix (5:36)
	b	B2. Typical Male (The Real Mix) (5:48)
		a. Mixed by Mindless and Groucho
		b. Additional Production and Remix by Maurice Joshua
		for Vibe Music Productions.
		Remix Engineer: Joey "the Don" Donatello
		c. Additonal Production and Remix by H.Beno and Criter
		for Grace Productions.
		infoms.gif (887 octets) An Island Red Label Product.
422-858 345-1	Krashman			Sister Suzie
		A1. Suzie Suzie 
		B1. Got You Faded
422-858 175-1	Krash Man			Nuthin' But a Party
		A1. Lp
		A2. Radio version
		B1. Instr.
		B2. Acapella
162-448 013-1	Salt				Bluster
						/A Play (1995)
		infoms.gif (887 octets) 10" GReen Vinyl.
422-854 585-1	Renee				Lost Boyz
162-531 054-1	Luciano				Who Could It Be
162-531-047-1	Sinead O'Connor			One to One Religion
		A1. Extended
		B1. Skankapella
		B2. Mr Lawrence Mix
		B3. Empire
162-537-857-1	Luciano				It's Me Again
		A1. Jah Lp
		A2. Inst.
		B1. Acapella
		B2. Your World And Mine
		infoms.gif (887 octets) An Island Jamaica Product.
162-537 872-1	Beenie Man			Slam
		A1. Nikki's Too Mix
		A2. Lil Jon and Paul's Instr.
		B1. Dynamik Duo TV mix
		B2. Lp
		infoms.gif (887 octets) An Island Jamaica Product.
314-576-671-1	U2				Theme from Mission Impossible
		A1. Junior's Hard Mix
		A2. Short
		B1. Guru Mix
		B2. Dave Clarke Remix
314-572-173-1	Spring Heel Jack		Casino
		A1. Lp
		B1. Dj SS Nevada Mix	
314-572 037-1	Beenie Man			Dancehall Queen
		& Chevelle Franklin		(1997)
		A1. Maurice's Club Hall Mix
		A2. MDZ Hardazz Dubb
		B1. Bonzai Mix
		B2. Dancehall cuts
		B3. Dancehallmental
		B4. Acapella
314-571 955-1	Ali				Love Letters
		A1. Frank Detour Dance Mix
		A2. Hec Hector Dance Mix
		B1. Frank Detour Dub
		B2. Lp
		B3. Instr.
		B4. Acapella
314 728-422-1	M.J Cole			Crazy Love
(TLK)						(04/2001)
314-572-842-1	M.J Cole			Crazy Love
(TLK)						(2000)
		A1. Todd Edwards Discofied 2000 Vocal Mix (6:19)
		A2. Dub (5:23)
		A3. Riprock N Alex Gi Radio Edit (3:33)
		B1. London Underground Main Mix (6:13)
		B2. Sincere (Naked Music Jay's Breakfast Dub)(6:09)
314 573 831-1	Lionel Ritchie			Angel
		A1. Petalpusher Vocal Mix
		A2. Radio Edit
		A3. Dub
		B1. Boogieman Extended Remix
		B2. Remix Dub
063904		Mariah Carey			Throught The Rain
		(M.Carey, J.Cole)
		Produced by: J.Jam, T.Lewis, M.Carey, J.Wright
		R.D: 2003
 12" Singles               

Matrix: xxx

B0003253-11	The Killers				Somebody Told Me
		Produced by The Killers With Jeff Saltzman
		Mastered by Carl Rowatti at Trutone Mastering NYC
		R.D: 08/2004
		A1. Josh Harris Club
		A2. Josh Harris Dub
		B1. King Unique's Vocal Mix
		B2. King Unique's Frogger Dub
**** Unknowned Matrix # ****
xxxx		Tom Tom Club			Genius of love
		(Tom Tom Club)
		Produced by: Steve Stanley , Tina Weymouth , Chris Frantz
		Released in : 1981
		A1. Long version (7:26)
		B1. Lorelei (long version) (instrumental) (6:22)
12"Singles. (Promotional Series)
W.B Promos
PRO-A-763	Grace Jones			Fame
		A1. Fame (edit)
		B1. Am I Ever Gonna Fall in Love in NYC
PRO-A-859	The Buggles			Clean Clean
						/Living In The
						Plastic Age (1980)
		Matrix #: B-14865 & B-14866
		A1. Clean Clean (5:13)
			(Trevor Horn , Geoffrey Downes , Bruce
			(Ackee Music Inc. ASCAP/Corbert Music BMI)
		B1. Living In The Plastic Age (5:09)
			(Trevor Horn , Geoffrey Downes)
			(Ackee Music Inc. ASCAP)
PRO-A-879	Grace Jones			Warm Leatherette
		A1. Warm Leatherette (4:25)
		A2. Love Is a Drug (7:15)
		B1. Hunters Gets Captured by The Game (3:50)
		B2. Bullshit (5:20)
PRO-A-906	Robert Palmer			Johnny and Mary
		infowht.gif (887 octets) One Sided.
PRO-A-920	Grace Jones			Breakdown
		A1. Lp
		B1. Edit
		B2. Warm Leatherette
PRO-A-922	Robert Palmer			Looking For Clues
		A1. Vocal (4:52)
PRO-A-936	Grace Jones			Pull Up to The Bumper
PRO-A-958	Material			Bustin' Out
		A1. Vocal (8:27)
		B1. Instr. (8:06)
PRO-A-1000	Was Not Was			Tell Me That I'm Dreaming
PRO-A-1054	Steve Winwood			Still in the Game
atlantic's Promo
DMD 349		Joe Cocker			Seven Days
		A1. Seven Days (5:23)
		B1. Ruby Lee (4:24)
DMD 367		Grace Jones			Nipple to the Bottle
DMD 385		Cristina			What's a Girl To Do
						/Things Fall Apart
DMD 389		Blancmange			Feel Me
		A1. Feel Me (6:55)
		B1. Living on the Ceiling (5:35)
DMD 614		Gwen Guthrie			Peanut Butter
		Both Sides: Peanut Butter (5:01)
DMD 626		Blancmange			Blind Vision
		A1. Long (9:29)
		B1. Short (3:49)
		B2. Dub (6:47)
DMD 628		Bob Marley			Buffalo Soldier
		A1. Buffalo Soldier
		B1. Buffalo Dub
DMD 656		King Sunny Ade			Ase
		A1. Long
		B1. Short
DMD 674		Will Powers			Smile
		A1. Lp
		B1. Part 1
		B2. Dub
DMD 678		Robert Palmer			Pride
DMD 713		Ray Mercy			You Really Got Me
		A1. You Really Got Me (5:34)
		B1. I Wanna know Your Name
DMD 728		Blancmange			Don't Tell Me
		A1. Extended
		B1. Edit
		B2. Get Out of That
DMD 758		The Earons			Beat Sixteen
DMD 791		Robert Palmer			Discipline of Love
		A1. Long (6:44)
		B1. Short (3:20)
DMD 793		Junie Morrison			Tease Me
DMD 796		Gwen Guthrie			Love in Moderation
		A1. Long
		B1. Party Mix
DMD 802		Malcom McLaren			Duck Rock Cheer
		A1. Long (6:20)
		B1. Short (3:55)
		B2. Fans 
DMD 818		Junie Morrison			Stick it In
		A1. Stick it In (5:00)
		B1. Same
DMD 830		Frankie Goes To Hollywood	Welcome to Pleasure Dome
		A1. Vocal (9:47)
		A2. Instr. (8:00)
		B1. Relax International (Live)
DMD 840		Waterboys			Don't Bang the Drum
		Both-Sides: Don't Bang The Drum
DMD 851		Blue In Heaven			I Just Wanna
						/Beating in My Head
						(Little Flower)(1986)
DMD 879		Robert Palmer			Hyperactive
DMD 884		Trouble Funk			Still Smokin'
DMD 893		Sly & Robbie			Get to This Get To That
DMD 894		Shriekback			Fish Below the Ice
DMD 943		Michelle Goulet			Stop & Think
DMD 945		Frankie Goes To Holluwood	Rage Hard (edit)
DMD 987		Frankie Goes To Hollywood	Rage Hard
		A1. Vocal remix (7:00)
		B1. Edit remix (4:03)
		B2. Remix dub instr. (5:30)
DMD 988		Julian Cope			World Shut Your Mouth
DMD 991		Comsmat Angel			The Cutting Edge
DMD 1021	U2				With or Without You
DMD 1023	Sly & Robbie			Boops!
		A1. Boops! (5:05)
		B1. Same
DMD 1161	La Compagnie Creole		A.I.E
		(Daniel Vanguarde , Jean Kluger , Adaptation
		Produced By Daniel Vanguarde
		Remixed By Larry Levan
		Licensed By Permission of Zagora S.A France
		Published By Bleu Blanc Rouge SACEM
		Matrix: ST-DM-54239-AR /ST-DM-54240/54088/54241-AR
		Released in: 1988
		A1. The L.L Club Mix (7:18)
		B1. Radio Version (3:43)
		B2. LP Version (5:02)
		B3. The L.L Dub (5:30)
		infowht.gif (887 octets) From the Original Motion Picture Soundtrack Lp
		"Sweet Lies" 0-90855.
DMD 1208	The Christians			When the Fingers Point
		A1. Extended
		B1. Radio edit
		B2. Dub
DMD 1223	Shrieckback			Get Down Tonight
		A1. Remix
		B1. Lp
DMD 1258	U2				Desire
						/Hellelujah She Comes
DMD 1269	U2				Angel of Harlem
						/A Room at Heartbreak Hotel
						/Love Rescue Me (Live)
DMD 1278	Mica Paris			My One Temptation
		A1. 12" version
		A2. Bonus Beats
		B1. 7" version
		B2. Vocal dub
DMD 1279	Attension			Let Me Push it to Ya
DMD 1288	Julian Cope			5 O'Clock World
						/SPQR (1988)
		infowht.gif (887 octets) B-Side is a Non Lp track.
DMD 1342	Attension			Crazy 'Bout You
PR 1380		Mica Paris			Breazthe Life Undo Me
PR 1387		Womack and Womack		Good Man Monologue
PR 1490		Sly & Robie			Rebel
PR 2000		Julian Cope			Trampolene
PR 2015		Anthrax				Indians (edit)
PR 2016		Long Ryders			Gunslinger Man
PR 2070		Anthrax				I'm the Man
						/Sabbath Bloody Sabbath
PR 2074		Tom Waits			Hang on St.
		A1. Christopher extended remix
		B1. Edit
		B2. Instr.
PR 2111		Decadent Dub Team		Six Gun
PR 2147		Zydeco Buckwheat		My Li'l Girl
						/On a Night Like This
PR 2203		World At A Glance		Burning Out
PR 2236		Robert Palmer			Sweet Lies
PR 2239		Michelle Goulet			Over and Over and Over
PR 2268		Triffids			Trick of the Light 
PR 2288		Melissa Etheridge		Similar Features
		A1. Edit
		B1. Lp
PR 2490		John Mayall			The Last Time
						(Edit) (1988)
PR 2499		U2				Desire
PR 2523		Julian Cope			Charlotte Anne
PR 2562		Steve Winwood			Freedom Overspill
PR 2595		John Mayall			Fascinatin' Lover
						/Interview (1989)
PR12 6635	Anthrax				Got the Time
PR12 6636	The Royal Macadamians		Relax in Lebanon
PR12 6655	The Buck Pets			Libertine
		A1. Extended
		A2. Radio
		B1. Lp
		B2. Instr.
PR12 6662	Mica Paris			Contribution
		A1. Peace Out Mix
		A2. Peace Mix
		B1. Scene of the Crime Mix
		B2. Red Zone Dub
PR12 6667	Julian Cope			Peggy Suicide Sampler
PR12 6675	Phranc				'64 Ford
						/Surfer Girl
PR12 6715	U2				Zoo Station
						/Lady With the Spinning
						Head (1992)
PR12 6728	Don-E				Love Makes the World
						Go Round (1992)
PR12 6761	Positive K			Ain't No Crime
						/How the F*** Would I 
						Know (1993)
		infowht.gif (887 octets) Orange Vinyl.
PR12 6774	Mica Paris			I Wanna Hold on to You
PR12 6824	U2				You Made Me the Tief 
						of Your Heart (1994)
		A1. You Made Me the Tief of Your Hearth (Stained mix)
		A2. You Made Me the Tief of Your Hearth (Instr.)
		B1. In the Name of the Father (12" Unidare mix)
		B2. In the Name of the Father (beats mix)
		B3. In the Name of the Father (Instr.)
PR12 6877	Sybil Vane			Pixy/Drag
						/Sleep/Empty Savior
PR12 5500	Grace Jones			Sex Drive
		A1. Sex Pitch mix
		B1. Sexstrumental
		B2. Hard Drive Mix
PR12 6962	Malcom McLaren			The Largest Movie
PR12 6963	Professor Trance		Drumming Circle
		& The Energinsers		(1995)
		A1. Vocal (8:18)
		A2. Dub
		B1. Dancing Your Animal
		B2. Kozuma
PR12 7119	Various				Soundtrack
						Don't Be a Menace Ep
		A1. Junior Mafia Feat. Mona Lisa
			"Time to Shine"
		A2. Mona Lisa Feat.Lost Boyz
			"Can't Be Wasting My Time"
		B1. Ghostface KIller & Masta Killa
			"Winter Warz"
		B2. Lost Boyz
PR12 7149	Gavin Friday			You, Me and World War III
		A1. Orbit Planet Mix
		A2. Tim Simenon's Big Single Mix
		B1. Armageddon Mix
		B2. Armageddon Dub
PR12 7163	Pulp				Common People
		A1. Moriv8 club mix
		A2. Vocoda mix
		B1. Motiv8 radio edit
		B2. Full lenght version
		B3. 7" edit
PR12 7177	Mona Lisa			You Said
		A1. Radio edit
		A2. Lp
		B1. Acapella
		B2. Instr.
PR12 7206	Local H				High Fiving
		A1. MF Lp 
		A2. Kinda clean edit
		B1. Squeaky clean edit
PR12 7217	Dark Sun Riders			Time to Build
		A1. Lp
		A2. Ultra Marsalis Remix
		B1. Ultra Marsalis Instr.
		B2. Vibes of the Pro Black
PR12 7432	The Orb				Toxygene
		A1. Toxic Genes mix
		A2. Kris Needs Up for a Fornight Mix
		B1. Fila Brazillia Mix
		B2. Way Out West Beggie Mix
PR12 7235 IBM	Dru Hill			Tell Me
PR12 7242 IBM	Nneka				Say it Again
		A1. Lp
		A2. Radio edit
		B1. Instr.
		B2. Acapella
PR12 7309 IBM	Isley Brothers			Floatin' on Your Love
		Feat. Ronald Isley		(Puffy Remixes)
		& Angela Winbush		(1996)
PR12 7312 IBM	Mona Lisa			Just Wanna Please U
		A1. Stevie J version
		A2. Stevie J no rap
		B1. Lp version
		B2. Stevie j acappella
PR12-7419	Spring Heel Jack		Take 3
		A1. Take 3 (Long) (8:24)
		B1. Seconds (5:33)
		B2. Take 1 (5:44)
PR12 7663	Howie B.			Switch
		A1. Deptcharge Mix
		A2. Hopscotch Bobby Wonder Mix
		B1. Vinyl Blair reworks 2
		B2. Original	
PR12 7726	Mangu				Calle Luna Calle Sol
		infowht.gif (887 octets) An Island Miami  Product.
PR12 7811	Tricky				Broken Homes
		A1. Lp
		A2. Hip Hop Mix
		B1. Money Greedy
		B2. Time
PR12 7879	The Lords			Take Dat
		A1. Radio Edit
		A2. Explicit lp Version
		B1. Instr.
		B2. Acapella
ISLR 15532	Rosey				Love
		A1. King Britt Remix
		B1. Koop Remix
		B2. Album Version
7" Singles
7-99379		Miles Jaye			I've Been A Fool For You
7-99374		Will Downing			Free
7-99361		By All Means			I Surrender To Love 
854 660		Dru Hill			Tell Me
854 738 TN	The Isley Brothers		Floatin' On Your Love
		Feat. Angela Winbush		(1996)
563 349		Lighthouse Family		High
572 288 UVT	Dru Hill			These Are The Times
		(Babyface , D.Thomas)
		Produced by Babyface , D.Thomas
15283-2		Mikaila				It's All Up To You (3:39)
		(M.Erikson, H.Rustan, T.Hermansen)
		Produced By StarGate
		Published By: Sony Muysic Publishing Ltd/EMI Music Publ.
		Released in: 03/2001
ISLR-15793-2	Mariah Carey			Boy (I Need You)(4:02)
(MN)		Feat. Cam'ron
		(M.Carey, J.Smith, N.Whitefield)
		Produced By: Just Blaze, Roc The World, Mariah Carey
		Publ.: Sony/ATV/Rye/F.OB/N.Q.C/Universal-Duchess BMI
		R.D : 02/2003


Vinyl Albums
ILPS 9250	Meters				Cissy Strut
ILPS 9355	Osibisa				Welcome Home
ILPS 9398	Gavin Christopher		Selftitled
ILPS 9411	Osibisa				Ojah Awake
ILPS 9564	Hi-Tension			Selftitled
ILPS 9585	The Buggles			The Age of Plastic
ILPS 9666	Was Not Was			Selftiled
ILPS 9834	Various Artists			Masters of The Beat
(TB)						(1985)
90 615-1	Miles Jaye			Myles Jaye 
90 873-1	Will Downing			Will Downing 
90 898-4	By All Means			By All Means 
4/2/1-90915	Womack and Womack		Conscience
91 286-1	Will Downing			Come Together as One 
422-846 814	Mica Paris			Contribution
16+4-444 067-2	Relax Rockers HiFi		Rockers to Rockers
52421		The Isley Brothers		Mission to Please 
542 473		O.S.T				The '70's
542 726-1	Mikaila				Selftitled
548 085-1	Lionel Ritchie			Renaissance
314-548-669-1	M.J Cole			Sincere
(TLK)						(04/2001

Matrix: xxx

9862416		The Roots				The Tipping Point
		R.D: 07/2004
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