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12" Singles. (in 0-20000 Matrix)
0-20235		Patti Austin			Shoot the Moon
		A1. Shoot the Moon (vocal)
		A2. Shoot the Moon (Instr.)
		B1. Rhythm of Street (6:09)
0-20270		James Ingram			Yah Mo Be There
		& Michael McDonald		(remix)
0-20303		Dreamboy			Contact
		A1. Contact (7:09)
		B1. Make it Work (4:57)
0-20330		New Order			Perfect Kiss
		A1. Perfect KIss
		B1. The KIss Of Death
		B2. Perfect Pit
0-20332		New Order			Blue Monday
						/The Beach
0-20342 	Siedah Garrett			Curves
		(P.Glass , N.M Walden)
		Produced by: Narad Michael Walden for Perfection
		Light Productions
		Executive Music Producer: Quincy Jones
		Music Producer: Tom Bahler
		Remixed by: Judy Weinstein
		Remix Engineer: Ron Banks
		Mix Consultant: John Brown
		Published by: Bellboy Music (BMI)/ Gratitude Sky
		Music (ASCAP)
		A1. Curves (remix) (6:10)
		B1. Long as I Believe (4:06)
		* Comments: Sleeves indicates "Performed by Deco Feat.
		  Seidah Garrett".
0-20348		Feelabeelia			Feel It
		A1. 12" (6:42)
		B1. Gonzo Mix
		B2. Instr.
0-20361		Patti Austin			Honey for the Bees
		A1. Extended 
		A2. Instr.
		B1. Hot in the Flames of Love		
0-20380		Brothers Johnson		Back Against the Wall
		A1. Extended
		B1. Instr.
0-20388		The Winans			Let My People Go
		A1. Extended
		B1. Intr.
0-20390		New Order			Sub Culture
0-20393		Lonnie Reaves			Too Tough
		(Lonnie E.Reaves)
		Produced by: Lonnie Reaves
		Co-Produced by: Michael Hearn
		Executive Producer: High Top Productions
		Additional Production and Remix by: Rutsy Gardner and
		Paul Sabu [More:-->Ariola/Ocean]. "An Endless Music Mix".
		Published by: Hilljay Music/Jay Love Corp. (BMI)
		Released in: 1985
		A1. Remix (7:39)
		B1. Instrumental (6:56)
0-20430		The Winans			Very Real Way
		(Marvin Winans)
		Produced by: Marvin Winans for Qwest Records and Selah 
		Co-Produced by: Carvin Winans and Barry Hankerson
		Remixed by: Ray Smith
		Engineered by: Ron Banks
		Remix Consultant: John Brown
		Published by: Skeeco ASCAP
		Released in: 1985
		A1. Very Real Way (Remix)(5:59)
		A2. Very Real Way (Dub)(3:32)
	a	B1. Let My People Go (New Club Mix) (7:23)
	a	B2. Let My People Go (Breakdown Reprise)(3:58)
		a. Remixed by: M & M -- John Morales and Sergio Munzibai
0-20462		Patti Austin			The Heat of the Heat
		* Comments: Produced by Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis.
0-20571		Patti Austin			Only a Breath Away
		(Monte Moir)
		Produced by: Monte Moir
		Executive Producer: Michael Ostin and Russ Titelman for
		Qunicy Jones Productions
		Published by: Flyte Tyme Tunes, administrated by Avant Garde
		Music Publishing ASCAP
		Released in : 1985
		A1. Etended Mix (7:14)
		B1. Edit (4:15)
0-20574		Sylvia Smith			Heartbreaker
		(Sylvia Smith)
		Produced by: Sylvia Smith
		Co-Produced by: Fred Jenkins
		Executive Producer: Harold Childs
		Published by: Syl-Ro Music Co. BMI
		Remixed by: Bruce Forest
		Released in: 1985
		A1. Heartbreaker (7:30)
		A2. Bonus Beats (3:32)
		B1. Dub Acapella (5:20)
		B2. A Capella (2:50)
0-20606		The Winans			The Real Meaning of Christmas
0-20733		New Order			True Faith
		A1. Morning Sun Extended
		B1. Alternate Faith Dub
		B2. 1963
0-20911		The Winans			Give Me You
		(Marvin Winans)
		Produced by: Marvin Winans
		Co-Producer: Barry Hankerson , Carvin Winans , Michael 
		and Ronald Winans
		Executive Producers: Quincy Jones , Barry Hankerson ,
		Benny Medina
		Remix Engineers: Jim "Bonzai" Lyon and Dave Wolk at
		Quad Recordings Studios NYC
		Additonal Synthetizers and Prcussions Programming: Dave
		Darlington , Boyd Jarvis , Andy Marvel
		Released in: 1987
	a	A1. Give Me You (12" Remix) (7:03)
		A2. What Can I Say ? (Lp Version) (4:41)
	a	B1. Give Me You (7" Remix) (3:57)
	a	B2. Give Me You (Alternate Groove Mix) (7:07)
		a. Additonal Production and Remix: Paul Simpson
0-20912		Siedah Garrett			K.I.S.S.I.N.G
						/Taboo (1988)
0-20993		Siedah Garrett			Refuse to Be Loose
						/Do You Want it Righ
						Now (1988)
0-21107		New Order			Fine Time
						/Do't Do It
0-21408		Quincy Jones			I'll Be Good to You
		Feat. Ray Charles & Chaka Khan
		(George Johnson , Louis Johnson , Sonora Sam)
		Produced by: Quincy Jones
		Associated Producer: Rod Temperton
		Recorded and Mixed by: Bruce Weeden
		Additional Production and Remix by/ Arthur Baker for ABI
		Rap Written and Performed by: Skam
		Edits by: Charlie Babie and Vic Simonelli
		Published by: Kidada Music Co.
		Released in: 1989
	a	A1. 12" Remix (8:06)
	b	A2. Good for Your Soul Mix (8:18)
	b	A3. Good for Your Soul Dub 4:45)
	b	B1. Around the House Mix (6:50)
	b	B2. Around the House Dub (6:02)
	a	B3. 12" Remix Dub (6:22)
		a. Keyboard Programming by Dinky B. Drum Programming by Cevin 
		Fisher [More:--> MAXI]. Mix Enginner: Doug Perry.
		Edits by: Oh Oh Omar Santana.
		b. Programming By Mac Quale [More:--> QUARK].
		Mix Engineer: Mark Plati
0-21456		Quincy Jones			The Secret Garden
						(Sweet SeductionSuite)
		(Quincy Jones , Rod Temperton , Siedah Garrett , El DeBarge)
		Produced by: Quincy Jones
		Associated Producer: Rod Temperton
		Published by: He Bee Dooinit Music/RodSongs/Black Chick Music
		Rambush Music
		Released in: 1989
		A1. Part I (4:23)
			Featuring Al B.Sure! and James Ingram
		A2. Part II (4:23)
			Featuring El DeBarge and Barry White
		A3. Combined Remix Version (6:38)
	a-b	B1. Sax in the Garden (Jazzy Instrumental Version) (6:38)
	a	B2. The Erotic Garden (After Hours Version) (8:54)
		a. Recorded and Remixed by: Bruce Weeden.
		Remixed by: Nick Guzauski.
		b. Features Sax Solo by: Kirk Whalum
0-21474		The Winans			It's Time
		(Marvin Winans , Carvin Winans , Teddy Riley , Bernard Bell)
		Produced by: Teddy Riley for New Jack Swing Productions and
		Bernard Bell for B.Bell Productions
		Co-Producerd by: The Winans
		Mixed by: Teddy Riley and Dave May
		Rap Perfoemrd by: Teddy Riley
		Executive Producers: Barry Hankerson and Benny Medina
		Published by: Marvin L.Wians Music/For Our Children Pub/Donril
		Music/Zomba Ents. Inc
		Released in: 1990
		A1. 12" Remix (6:53)
		A2. Percapella (2:20)
		A3. New Jack Swing Mix (5:13)
		A4. Bonus Beats (4:00)
		B1. 7" Remix (4:25)
		B2. Club-A-Dub (6:52)
		B3. Wherever I Go (Lp Version) (3:56)
0-21582		New Order			World in Motion
		A1. Carabinien Mix
		A2. No Alla Violenza Mix
		B1. Subbuteo Mix
		B2. Subbuteo Dub
0-21594		Quincy Jones			I Don't Go for That
		Feat. Siedah Garrett
		Produced by: Quincy Jones
		Associated Producer: Rod Temperton
		Recorded and Mixed by: Bruce Weeden
		Remixed by: John Nettlesby , Terry Coffey , Bokie Coleman
		Engineered by: Bokie Coleman
		Published by: EMI Songs Ltd.
		Released in: 1989	
		A1. Mercenary Full Tilt Mix (5:25)
		A2. Mercenary db Mix (5:23)
		A3. Mercenary Bonus Beats (5:19)
	a	B1. MT M-Rap Version (5:51)
	a	B2. Teddy's Extended Mix (5:55)
		B3. Teddy's Freaky Jazz Groove (5:55)
		a. Remixed by: Teddy Riley. Engineered by: Dave May.
0-21764		Quincy Jones			Listen Up
		(Arthur Baker , Arif Mardin , Charisma , Siedah Garrett ,
		Judy Titus , Benny Medina)
		Produced and Arranged by: Arthur Baker and Arif Mardin
		Executive Producer: Courtney Sale Ross
		Published by: Shakin' Baker Music/Deniz Music BMI/Black Chick
		Recording and Original Mix Engineer: Louis Scalise
		Released in: 1990
	a	A1. Raw Dance Remix (7:43)
	b	A2. Let the Spirit Flow (4:47)
		A3. A Capella (4:53)
		B1. Full House Mix (8:11)
		B2. Chakapella Dub Mix (6:01)
		B3. Mabuye Afro Jazz Mix (3:19)
		a. Remix and Additonal Production by: Dave Shaw for Scorpion 
		Productions and David Darlington for 23 West Productions.
		b. remix and Additional Production by: Arthur Baker for Mighty
		Love, Inc.
		Keyboards Programming: Eric Kupper and Mac Quayle.
		[Features:] Tevin Campbell , Siedah Garrett , Karyn White , Ice T. ,
		Al B.Sure! , The Winans , James Ingram , El DeBarge , Big Daddy Kane
		Melle Mel , Ray Charles.
12" Singles. (in 0-40000 Matrix)
0-40236		Rappinstine			The Good Life
						/Bang the Drum Slowly
0-40263		Force One Network		Spirit
0-40288		Monie Love			Work It Out
		Music by: Touch Of Jazz
		Lyrics by: Monie LOve
		Produced by: Jeff Townes and Craig King for A Touch Of
		Jazz Inc.
		Executive Producer: Benny Medina
		Published by: Sister Monie Prod./A Touch Of Jazz Publishing Inc
		Released in: 1991
	a	A1. Marranelo Mix (6:23)
	b	A2. Platinium Vocal Extended (4:34)
	b c	A3. 'N The House Mix (3:42)
		A4. Boyz N The Hood Album Version (4:16)
	a	B1. Monaco Mix (4:43)
	a	B2. Slight Mix (4:43)
	b	B3. Platinium Vocal Edit (3:12)
	b	B4. Platinium Instrumental (4:27)
		a. Additional Production and Remix by: John Waddell for
		Rhythm King Productions.
		b. Additonal Production and Remix by Humphrey Riley and 
		Ronald Williams.
		c. Background Vocals by: Lisa Johnson.

0-40337		Keith Washington		When You Love Somebody
						/Lovers After All
0-40569		Tevin Campbell			Stawberry Letter 23
		(Shuggie Otis)
		Produced by: Quincy Jones & Quincy D III
		Background Rap: Justin Warfield
		Released in:1991
		A1. QD III Fat Choice Mix (4:48)
		A2. QD III W/O Rap (3:45)
		A3. QD III mix with rap (4:12)
		A4. Album edit W/O rap (3:24)
		B1. Club Mix  (6:28)
		B2. Club dub (5:58)
		B3. Early Morning mix (4:46)
		B4. Factory mix (7:19)
		* All on B - Side, Additional Production & 
		  Remixed by: Junior Vasquez
0-40576		Force One Network		Somethin' About You
0-40756		Tevin Campbell			Confused
0-40760		New Order			Regret
0-41149		Justin Warfield			Fishermans Grotto
						/B Boys on Acid
0-41313		New Order			Spooky
0-41737		New Order			Innocence
		A1. Love to Infinity's Deep Love 12"
		A2. Love to Infinity's Deep dub
		B1. Tasty Fish K-Klass Klub Mix
		B2. Tasty Fish K-Klass Pharmacy Dub
		B3. Satisfied
0-41986		Ruffnexx Sound System		Luv Bump
0-43729		Quincy Jones			Stomp
		Feat. Melle Mel/Coolio/Yo-Yo
		Shaquille O'Neal/Luniz
		Produced by: Quincy Jones
		Associated Producer: Rod Temperton
		Music and Lyrics: Louis Johnson , George Johnson , Valerie
		Johnson, Rod Temperton
		Published by: State of Art Music (ASCAP)/Kidada Music (BMI)
		Released in: 1996
	a	A1. Mousse T. Extended Mix (6:25)
	b	A2. Booker T. Dub (6:51)
	c	A3. Frankie Knuckles Reprise (5:38)
	a	B1. Mouse T. Ultimate Stomper (8:24)
	c	B2. Frankie Knuckles Radio Mix (5:44)
	a	B3. Mouse T. Street Mix (5:48)
		a. Remix and Additional Production by: Mousse T. for
		Peppermint Jam
		Additional Bass played by: J.Attig
		Additional Horns played by: York & J.Rosenberger
		Additonal Percussion played by: H.Schomerus
		b. Remix and Additonal Production by: Booker T. for Big Life
		Programmed by: Booker T.
		Engineered by: Eugene Ellis assisted by Llyod.
		Keyboards: Eddie Perez.
		c. Remix produced by: Frankie Knuckles for Def Mix Productions.
		Additional production by: Satoshi Tomiie for Def Mix Productions
		Engineered by: John Poppo.
		Additonal Keyboards: Joe Moskowitz
0-44735 CD-5	Quincy Jones			Something I Cannot Have
		Featuting Catero
		Written By A/Armato, R.Bennett
		Produced By: Quincy Jones, R.Bennett
		Released in: 11/1999
0-44742 CD5	Shandozia			Baby I Like
		Written By: S.Brown, S.Myett, S.B Riley, C.Cooke
		D.Tennison, V.Davis
		Produced By: S.Brown
		Rleased in: 11/1999
12" Singles. (in Promotional Matrix)
PRO 2073	James Ingram			Party Animal
PRO 2076	Patti Austin			It's Gonna Be Special
		A1. Special Dance Remix (6:30)
		B1. Single Edit (4:14)
PRO 2144	Patti Austin			Rhythm of the Street
		A1. Lp
		B1. Edit
PRO 2216	Frank Sinatra			Mack the Knife
		A1. Mack the Knife (remix)
		B1. Same
PRO 2339	Patti Austin			The Heat of the Heat
		A1. Edit
		B1. Lp
PRO 2406	Rori				Mr. Right
		A1. Mr Right (6:56)
		B1. Electricity (6:56)
PRO 2506	James Ingram			Always
		A1. Edit
		B1. Lp
PRO 2516	Patti Austin			Gettin' Away With
						Murder (1986)
		A1. Lp
		B1. Edit
PRO 2584	Patti Austin			Only a Breath Away
		A1. 12" (7:14)
		B1. Instr. (4:15)
PRO 2636	New Order			Bizzare Love Triangle
		A1. 7" Edit
		B1. Extended Edit
PRO 2784	New Order			True Faith
		A1. Lp
		B1. Edit
PRO 3037	New Order			Blue Monday
		A1. Blue Monday (remix)
		B1. Touched by Hand of God (remix)
		B2. Touched by Hand of God (Dub)
PRO 3295	Siedah Garrett			Refuse to Be Loose
PRO 3427	Siedah Garrett			Innocent Side
		A1. Edit
		B1. Lp
PRO 4319	The Winans			A Friend
		A1. Edit
		B1. Lp
PRO 4445	Quicy Jones			I Don't Go for That
		With Siedah Garrett		(1989)
PRO 4458	Quicy Jones			The Places You Find
		With Siedah Garrett & Chaka Khan Love (1989)
		A1. Radio Edit
		B1. Same
PRO 4834	Justin Warfield			Season of the Vic
		A1. Edit
		B1. Lp
PRO 4858	Tevin Campbell			Just Ask Me To
PRO 4901	Compton's Most Wanted		Growin' Up in the Hood
		A1. Censored version
		B1. Unscensored Version
PRO 5031	Monie Love			Work It
PRO 5120	Keith Washington		Make the Time for Love
		A1. Vocal (5:48)
		B1. Instr. (4:28)
PRO 5199	Monie Love			Work It Out
PRO 5318	Tevin Campbell			Goodbye
		A1. Lp
		B1. Lp Edit Without Rap
PRO 5461	Tevin Campbell			Goodbye
		A1. Hakkem's Remix
		B1. 12" Dub
PRO 5558	Force One Network		Somethin' About You
		A1. Edit
		B1. Lp
PRO 5743	Tevin Campebell			Confused
		A1. Edit With Rap
		B1. Edit Without Rap
		B2. Lp
PRO 6103	Justin Warfield			K Sera Sera
						/Dip Dip Divin' 
PRO 6249	The Winans			Payday
PRO 6276	New Order			World
						(The Price of Love)
PRO 6318	New Order			Ruined in a Day
PRO 6379	Ian Dyer			No For an Answer
		A1. Extended Mix with intro
		B1. Extended
		B2. Radio
PRO 6429	Keith Washington		Stay in My Corner
		A1. Edit
		B1. Lp
		B2. Karaoke Intr.
PRO 6701	Tevin Campbell			Always in My Heart
		A1. Full Body Remix
		A2. Full Body No Drums
		A3. Full Body Instr.
		A4.. Lp
		B1. Karaoke Version
		B2. Acapella
		B3. Instr. No Drums Delay
		B4. Instr. No Drums
PRO 6713	Tevin Campbell			Don't Say Goodbye Girl
		A1. Edit
		B1. Lp
PRO 6729	New Order			Spooky
PRO 7071	Jeff Clever			The City
						/Late Night Tip
PRO 7337	Ruffnexx Sound System		Luv Bump
PRO 8331	Tevin Campbell			Back to the World
		A1. D's Club
		A2. D's Journey dub
		B1. D's Classic club
		B2. D's Clubhead
		B3. D's Radio
PRO 8403	Quincy Jones			Stomp
		A1. Frankdefied Mix
		A2. Extended Version
		A3. Radio Mix
		A4. Dubdefied Mix
		B1. Extended
		B2. Street Mix
		C1. U Wish
		C2. Radio Mix
		D1. Ultimate Stomper
		D2. Lustre Mix
PRO 8435	Tevin Campbell			Could You Learn to Love
		A1. Marc Kinchen Remix
		A2. Marc Kinchen Remix Instr.
		B1. Lp
		B2. Lp Instr.
		B3. Acapella
PRO 8521	Tevin Campbell			I Got It Bad
		A1. Allstar Remix Ext.
		A2. All Remix Instr.
		B1. Acapella
		B2. Lp
		B3. I'll Be There
PRO 9282	Tamia				Imagination
		A1. Jd Main Mix
		A2. Jd Main Mix Instr.
		B1. Lil' Jon's Bass Remix
		B2. Lil' Jon's Bass Remix Instr.	
**** others ****
007		Ruffnexx Sound System		Luv Bump
		A1. Lp edit
		B1. Mystro Mix
		* Comments: 10" red vinyl
7" Singles.
16931 CD	Tevin Campbell			Losing All Control
		(S.Jordan , K.Campbell , T.Turpini)
		Produced By Stevie J.
		Released in: 09/1999
16987 CD	Quincy Jones			I'm Yours
		Feat. Siedah Garrett		
		& El DeBarge
		Written by R.Bennett , D.T.Carter , E.Dawkins
		Produced by Quincy Jones and R.Bennett
		Released in: 03/1999
17177 CD	Tamia				Loving You Still
		Written and Produced by D.Simmons
		Released in: 1999
7" Singles. (Promo)
9802 CD		Michael Fredo			This Time Around (3:47)
		(V.Renn , J.Skinner , J.Crawford)
		Produced By: Veit Renn
		Published By: Zomba Music ASCAP/Berlin Era Music BMI
		Released Date: 07/1999
99128 CD	Shank				Standing On The Corner (3:31)
		Featuring Catero
		(K.Fulton, C.Colbert)
		Produced By: Catero Colbert
		Published By: Kan's World Music ASCAP
		Released in: 12/1999
9975 CD		Quincy Jones			If This Time Is The 
		Featurign Patti Austin		Last Time (4:08)
		Written By: D.Warren, D.Foster, L.Thompson
		Produced By Quincy Jones
		Released in: 11/1999
100663		New Order			True Faith (5:44)
		(New Order, S.Hague)
		Produced By Stephen Hague & New Order
		Remixed By Philip Steir, Richard Morel
		Published By Be Music PRS adm By W.B Music Corp.
		Cut Music BMI
		Released in: 06/2001
7" Singles. (Q 2001 Matrix)
unknown		Gerald Albright			Winelight (4:30)
		Produced By Jason Miles
		Released in: 05/2001
1-25263		Seidah Garrett			Fast Fowards
1-25276		Patti Austin			Gettin' Away With Murder
1-25344		The Winans			Let My People Go
1/4/2-25510	The Winans			Decisions
1/4/2-26020	Quincy Jones			Back on the Block
1/4/2-26161	The Winans			Return
4/2-26291	Tevin Campbell			T.E.V.I.N Campbell
2/4-26322	Quincy Jones			Listen Up
						The Lives of Quincy Jones
46490 CD	Quincy Jones			From Q With Love
47008 CD	Tevin Campbell			Selftitled
47009 CD	Saafir				The Hit List
Albums. (In Q records Matrix)
92955		Dawn Robinson			Dawn

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