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CAM: Camden
GM: Grammy
LD: Lou
MDL: Midland International
MIL: Millenium
PL: PLanet
RDSH: Roadshow
TT: Tatoo
UTP: Utopia

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LM: 09.02.2008

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Vinyl Albums (in APL1-xxxx Matrix).
APL1-0314	Main Ingredient			Greatest Hits
CPL1-0407	Jose Feliciano			Feeling's Good
APL1-0644	Main Ingredient			Rolling
ACL-0861	Isley Brothers			Country
(CAM)						(????)
ACL1-0861	Isley Brothers			Rock Around The Clock
(CAM)						(????)
ANL1-0877	Jimmy Castor Bunch		Best Of
ANL1-0901	4th Generation			Croce
APL1-0913	Choice 4			Selftitled
BKL1-0931	Carol Douglas			Selftitled
(MDL)						(1974)
APL1-0938	Hues Corporation		Love Corporation
ANL1-0957	Brothers			Disco Soul
APL1-1003	Main Ingredient			Shame On
APL1-1005	Jose Feliciano			Wanna Rock
APL1-1021	New Birth			Best Of
APL1-1044	Brook Benton			Love Story
APL1-1046	L.T.G Exchange			Susie
ANL1-1098	Julie Andrews			Selftitled
APL1-1099	D.J Rogers			Alive
APL1-1100	Faith, Hope & Charity		Selftitled
ANL1-1118	Various				Disco-Funk
APL1-1187	Brothers			Don't Stop
APL1-1188	Chocolate Milk			Action Speaks Louder
APL1-1256	Vicki Sue Robinson		Never Gonna Let You Go
APL1-1355	Memphis Horns			High On
APL1-1399	Chocolate Milk			Selftitled
APL1-1400	Choice 4			On Top Of Clear
APL1-1401	Various Artists			Disco Express
						Volume 1
		Produced & Edited for Disco By Carl L.Maults-By
		& David Todd.
		Released in: 1976
		A1. Blood Hollins		How Have You Been (5:27)
		    Featuring Jean Lang
			(Blood Hollins)
			Produced By Blood Hollins
			Arranged By Blood Hollins & Vince Montana
			Published By Strange Fruit Music ASCAP
		A2. Labelle			Pressure Cookin' (4:57)
			(Nona Hendryx)
			Produced By Vicki Wickham
			Arranged By Andre Lewis & Labelle
			Published By Gospel Birds, Inc./
			Track Music, Inc. BMI
		A3. Crown Heights Affair	Sex Trip (3:07)
			(Nerangis, Britton)
			Produced By Freida Nerangis, Vernon Britton
			For Britne Productions, Co., Inc.
			Arranged & Conducted By Nerangis & Britton
			Published By Dunbar Music BMI)
		A4. The Nite-Liters		Happy Hooker (3:58)
			Produced By Fuqua III Productions
			Arranged & Conducted By Harvey Fuqua
			Published By Dunbar Music/Rutri Music BMI
		B1. The Choice Four		Hook It Up (2:47)
			(V.Barrett, W.Beard, W.Alexander)
			Produced By Van McCoy for Sag Productions
			Arranged & Conducted By Van McCoy
			Published By Mighty Three Music BMI
		B2. The Main Ingredient		Have You Ever
						Tried It (3:07)
			(Ashford, Simpson)
			An LTC Production
			Produced By Silvester, Simmons & Gooding
			Arranged & Conducted By Bert DeCoteaux
			Published By Nick-O-Val Music ASCAP
		B3. Satyr			Free & Easy (2:59)
			(Casey Spencer)
			Produced By Meco Monardo, Tony Bongiovi
			& Jay Elis For DCA Productions
			Arranged By Harold Wheeler
			Published By El Bomo Music BMI
	a	B4. Beckett Brown		One Way Street (3:08)
			(Beckett Brown, Graham Booker)
			Produced By Biddu Mautoglade Productions
			Published By Main Stay Music BMI
		B5. Sunny Gale			I Wanna Know (5:56)
			(Vincent Montana Jr. , Ronald B.Walker)
			Produced By Vincent Montan for Sunbar
			Productions, Inc
			Published By 'Bout Time Music ASCAP
		a. Copyright 1975.
APL1-1402	Disco Express			Vol.2
APL1-1504	Dr. Buzzard Original's		Selftitled
		Savannah Band			(1976)
ANL1-1543	Ronnie McNeir			Selftitled
APL1-1535	New Birth			Disco
APL1-1558	Main Ingredient			Maximus
BKL1-1560	Inner City Symphony		Disco Magic
(MDL)						(1976)
BJL1-1673	Becky Hobbs			Heartland
(TT)						(1976)
APL1-1697	D.J Rogers			On Road
ANL1-1780	Ed Armes			Pure Gold
BKL1-1798	Carol Douglas			Midnight
(MDL)						(1976)
APL1-1801	New Birth			Reincarnation
BUL1-1823	Buckeye Politicians		Look At Me Now
(UTP)						(1976)
APL1-1827	Faith, Hope & Charity		Life Goes
APL1-1829	Vicki Sue Robinson		Selftitled
APL1-1830	Chocolate Milk			Comin'
APL1-1846	Rhythm				Selftitled
APL1-1858	Main Ingredient			Super Hits
BJL1-2168	Gap Band			Selftitled
(TT)						(1976)
Vinyl Albums (in AFL1-xxxx Matrix).
AFL1-2294	Vicki Sue Robinson		Half And Half
AFL1-3015	Sylvie Vartan			I Don't Want The Night To End
AFL1-3031	Odyssey				Hollywood Party Tonight
AFL1-3393	Charme				Let It In
AFL1-3407	Bumblebee Unlimited		Selftitled
		Produced & Arranged By Gregory Charmichael. 
Vinyl Albums (in NFL 1-8xxx Matrix).
NFL1-8033	Eric Robinson			Walk in the light
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Vinyl Albums (in APL/AFL xxxx Matrix).
RCA-5609-1	The Pointer Sisters		Hot Together
RCA 6388-1	Diana Ross			Red Hot Rhythm & Blues
RCA-6765-1	David Ruffin & Jimmy Kendrick	Ruffin & Kendrick 
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Vinyl Albums (in 60 000 Matrix)
65487		Sww				New Beginning (1996)
66521		Cella Dwellas			Realms'n Reality
66805		Funkmaster Flex			Funlmaster( Flex (1996)	
66922		Sadat X				Wild Cowboys
66929		Delinquent Habits		Deliquent Habits
66972		Off Da Hook			Off Da Hook
69992		Mobb Deep			Hell On Earth
67472		Funkmaster Flex			Mix Tapes Vol.2
67487		Yvette Michele			My Dream
67512 LD	Big Punisher			Capital Punishment
67525		SWV				Release Some Tension 
67551		Syl E.Fyne			Raw Sylk
67607		Chantey Savage			This Time
67640 LD	Five Young Men			5 For 1
67704		Kevon Edmonds			24/7
67766		Coko				Hot Coko
7863-67908	Christine W.			Stronger
7683-67944 GM	Various Artists			Grammy Rap Nominees 2000
7683-67984	Tyrese				2000 Watts
7683-69310	Public Anouncement		Don't Hold Back
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