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LM: 09.02.2008

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12" Singles.
WR-1225		DJ Giovanni                     Let's Get Ready
						to Rumble
WR-1229		Traveling Gypsy                 Lieo Lieo

		Produced by: Brutal Bill
		Released in: 1994

WR-1230		King Size                       Generation X
		Produced by: Joe Ventura & Scott Marzullo
		Released in: 1994

WR-1231		D-Scape                         Get Up
WR-1232		Michele Wilson                  Key of Life

		Produced by: Giovanni & Keith Kemper
		Released in: 1995

WR-1233		Mood 2 Swing                    Take Me Baby
WR-1234		Markus Schulz/Ribbed Ticklers   Never Let You Go

		Produced by: Markus Schulz
		Released in: 1995

WR-1235		Lords of Rhythm			Everything is
		Feat. Reggie Hall		Gonna Be Alright

		Produced & Mixed by: Four on the Floor & House of Jazz
		Released in: 1995

WR-1236		Smack Prod. f. Trina Perry      Kiss Me
WR-1237		Lenny Fontana                   Hip Shaken Music EP

		Produced by: Lenny Fontana
		Remixed by Lenny Fontana & Carlos Cordova
		Released in: 1995
		A1. Get Down & Get Funky (Phunky Club Mix) [8:24]
		A2. Get Down & Get Funky (Phunky Instrumental) [8:25]
		B1. Trancin [7:34]
		B2. Trancin (Funk Remix) [7:31]

WR-1238		Carribean Soul                  Make Up Your Mind

		Featuring Marck Michel
		Produced & Mixed by: Oscar G.
		Released in: 1995

WR-1239		 Michelle Wilson                Neverending Source of Love
xxx		Giselle Jackson			Love Commandments
WR-1264		Roc & Presta			Do What You Feel
		Feat. Donna Blakely		(06/1998)
WR-1265		Richelle			I Need Your Love
WR-1267		Richelle			Beauty
WR-1268		G Force & Cleon			Forgive and Forget
WR-1282		Peter Presta			When I'm Bad
WR-1284		Peter Presta			Diskorama EP
		A1. We Got The Feelin'
		B1. We Got To Come
WR-1285		J.J & Black Dahlia		On The Radio
WR-1286		Groovehunter			Don't You Want 
						My Love
		Mixes By Nathan G.
WR-1287		Pushers & Pimps			U Don't Know
WR-1290		Twin				Hot Stuff
WR-1291		Osio				Move Your Body
		Mixed By Bobby D'Ambrosio.
WR-1292		JJ & Toney Lee			Reach Up
		(J.Tucci, T.Lee)
		Produced By JJ For Eat My Mix
		Published By BMG
		Released in: 11/1999
		A1. JJ's Full Vocal Mix
		A2. JJ's Vocal Loop
		B1. JJ's Clubstramental
		B2. JJ's Club Vocal
	a	C1. Alex J's Nouveau Jazz Mix 
	b	C2. Red Top's Filter Inst.
	b	D1. Red Top's Filter Fun Mix
	a	D2. Alex J's Nouveau Jazz Inst.
		a. Remixed By Alex J.
		b. Remixed By Red Top for 2 Phat Nerd
		   Productions 99.
WR 200-12	Various				Deep House Allstars EP
		A1. Reggie Hall			"Let's Celebrate"
		A2. David Gordon		"Changes"
		B1. Nightvision			"Jesse's Girl"
		B2. Oscar G.			"Make Up Your Mind"
WR 201-12	Various				Deep House Allstars EP
		A1. Mood II Swing		"Take Me Baby"
		A2. Lenny Fontana		"Trancin'"
		B1. Angel Moraes		"Power"
		B2. Kenny Carpenter		"Scott's Theme"
WR-1293		JJ				Come To Me
		A1. Club Come Mix
		A2. Club Come Instr.
		B1. Eat My Dub Mix
		B2. Instr.
WR-1294		Richelle			Music Is My 
						Way Of Life
		(M.Sharron, G.Lee)
		All Vocals By Richelle Hicks
		Remixes By Bobby D'Ambrosio for Def Mix
		Published By Spinning Gold Music/Tradelin
		Man Music ASCAP
		Bar Code #: 98657-01294
		Released in: 12/1999
		A1. Osio Dub (7:52)
		A2. Radio Mix (4:02)
		B1. D'Ambrosio Club Mix (7:32)
WR-1295		Players Flow			Really Love You
		Featuring Harley & Muscle	(02/2000)
		A1. Main Mix
		B1. Deep Mix
WR-1296		Fafa Monteco			Good Time
		Moxed By Robbie Riviera.
WR-1297		68 Beats			Batalla
		A1. Escape This
		A2. United
		B1. Magnetic Groove
		B2. Afterhours
WR 029-12	Graduation			Friends Forever
		A1. Original Mix
		B1. Dance Mix
		B2. Friends Mix
WR 031-12	Alex J				The Deep
		Featuring Jazz Brazilia		/What I Want
		A1. The Deep
		A2. The Deep (Water Music)
		B1. The Deep (Love Is The Answer)
		B2. What I Want (Main Mix)
WR 038-12	Peter Presta			Come On Baby
						/Runnin' Back
		A1. Disco Bumb Mix
		B1. Runnin' Back (Full Vocal Mix)
		B2. Runnin' Back (Disko Lab Dub)
WR 208-12	Various				Love Mr Life EP
		A1. Rikky Riviera		Mr DJ You Know How
		    & Michelle Wilson		To Make Me Dance (dub)
		A2. 2 Phat Nerds		You Know How To
						Make Me Dance
		B1. Alex J & Richelle		Love Insurance
						(Dub Mental Mix)
		B2. Rikky Riviera		You Stepped Into My Life
		    & Michelle Wilson		(dub)
WR 209-12	Xiomara				Mind Games
WR 212-12	Climax 2			The Wet EP
		A1. Take It To The Left
		B1. Tu Eres
		B2. Sayning It Live
WR 216-12	Climax 3			Ghetto Tech EP
		A1. Dancin' Club
		B1. Ghetto Tech Groove Club
		B2. Check The Coffee Club
WR 042-12	Tropical Deep			High Prietess
		A1. Tropical Deep Mix
		A2. Acapella
		B1. Soulplayaz Mix
		B2. Instrumental
		B3. Beats
WR 044-12	Various				Party Crasher EP
		A1. Alex J.			"Party Crasher"
		B1. Soul Playaz			"Dancin'"
		B2. Aqualove			"Tonight"
WR 045-12	Soul Queen			Everybody Reach
		A1. Main Club Mix
		B1. Alex J Deep Dub
WR 1304		Gizelle Jackson			Love Commandments
						(The Remixes)
		A1. Ricky Birickyno Remix
		A2. Alex J Disco Remix
		B1. Tribal Sessions Mix
		B2. 2001 Mix
WR 1305		Tropical Deep			Heaven
		A1. Heavenly Blues Mix
		A2. Acapella
		B1. Dreamin' 2 Step Mix
		B2. Tribal Sessions Mix
WR 1310		Nuyorson			3 Elements Of Life
		A1. Strong Enough
		B1. So In Love
		B2. Da Good Old Dayz
WR 1311		Soulsistas			Keep It Movin
		A1. Club Vocal
		B1. Big Boss Vocal Mix
		B2. Acapella
WR 1313		Tropical Deep			Afroraices
		A1. Concentration (Alex J Live Session Mix)
		B1. Feel Like Flying (Alex J Lounge Mix)
		B2. Island Paradise (Alex Montego Bay Mix)
WR 1316		Michelle Wilson			Love Connection
		A1. FTL Remix
		B1. Axwell Club Mix
		B2. Axwell Dub Mix
WR 1317		Nuyorson			Thank You
		A1. Main Mix
		B1. Nuyorson Mix
		B2. Instrumental
WR 1318		Tropical Deep			2 Cultures EP
		& Jeremias Santiago		(07/2002)
		A1. Positivy (FTL Remix)
		B1. Positivy (Alex J Remix)
		B2. Somebody Ah Mouchay
WR 1319		Soulsista's			Did It For Your Love
		A1. Darkside Mix
		A2. Main Mix
		B1. For Love Remix
		B2. For Love Dub
WR 1320		Ancient Prophet			Ancient Proverb EP
		A1. Ancient Proverb
		B1. The Dawn
		B2. Feel The Groove		
WR 1321		Nuyorson			Contrebalas EP
		A1. Afro Mental
		B1. Afro Mental Breakdown
		B2. Trini
Waako 12" Singles (IN VU 000x Matrix)
VU 0001		Michele Weeks			Voices 2
		& Friends			(Can You See The Light)
VU 0002		Baretta				Baretta
Pure 12" Singles.
PR 9920		Luvticia			Oops!...I Did It Again
WR 1283		DJ Ionic			Filtered Instinct

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